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Our goal has always been to provide a competent and reliable marketplace for customers - both producers and exporters. This involves more than buying and selling coffee. We see ourselves as an interface in a business which, despite modernization, trading platforms, e-business and other novelties, continues to be a people business. We think this is good news.

A successful marketplace requires intense and important contacts and relationships, of which we have many in over 50 coffee producing countries. In addition to our sister companies, we have exclusive origin agencies in key producing countries.

We are proud to be a market place and supplier to over 250 customers throughout all European markets including Scandinavia, MENA (Middle East, North Africa), Asia and Oceania. Our business ranges from large-volume, long-term Vendor Managed Inventory agreements to single mixed containers.

We are a member of the Hamburg based German Coffee Association (Deutscher Kaffee-Verband) and the European Coffee Federation, ECF.